Luanne Rice's new novel "Last Day" will launch with at Bank Square Books on Saturday Feb. 1 as part of The Day's new book club Read of the Day. While that's two weeks away, Hygienic Art's 41st annual Salon des Independants show opens this weekend.

It's going to rain on Halloween this year, and Rick is not okay with towns trying to postpone trick-or-treating. Halloween is full of memories for both Rick and Pete - like the time Pete walked into a nursing home and realized his costume was totally inappropriate, or the incident that made Rick realize he was too old to dress up and knock on doors.


Rick's List - Halloween Tombstone Edition

UFO hits Wolf Den on their farewell tour

Garde hosts showing of original "Godzilla"

Rick and Pete reflect on Justin Hayward's show with Mike Dawes at The Garde, and recall times they went along to see someone else's favorite band.

Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues plays at the Garde Arts Center on Saturday. The Moody Blues, and Hayward's songs in particular, were a big deal to a young Rick Koster.


Songs we discuss:


“In the Beginning / Lovely to See You” - 

“Watching and Waiting” -

“The Actor” -

“Are You Sitting Comfortably?” -

“The Western Sky” -

Rick's band used to cover songs from movies in the eighties. Pete's musical taste was defined by movie soundtracks of the nineties. Are films still a major vehicle for popular music, or have video games taken over?

We were supposed to talk about something else today, but our sound check turned into an entire episode. Rick sneaks into a Brian Wilson sound check, while Pete look for help facilitating sound checks at local candidate debates.

September 18, 2019

Is pop music getting stupider?

Stupider? More stupid? Rick and Pete discuss a scientific study that found pop songs have become musically and lyrically simpler over time. Does simpler equal worse?

How do certain bands become our favorites? Pete's favorite band, Rustic Overtones, play Saturday at the Knickerbocker Music Center in Westerly. Plus, Rick has some ideas on how to use the radio to make road trips more interesting.

Song Spinner is a video series we produce for The Day where musicians perform a song and tell the story behind it. This episode of the podcast is an extended interview form our most recent Song Spinner session. See the video at:

Straight to VHS is a three piece rock band from New London, Connecticut whose members, guitarist/vocalist Jon Young, Drummer Jay Silva, and bassist Tim Donnell, recently recorded a new album, “Friend Music.” We spoke with Jon Young about the song “Manic in the Morning.”

Straight to VHS has a Kickstarter to fund the upcoming album, find out more at

Their music video for "Chemical Wifi" premieres Saturday at noon:

There is so much art, history and culture in the world, and so much of it is so far away, how will we ever get to see everything we want to see before we die?

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