Drummer Ed Toth has toured the world with Vertical Horizon and The Doobie Brothers, getting the chance to share the stage with the performers that comprise his record collection. No matter how far he has traveled, though, he has always considered Southeastern Connecticut, specifically East Lyme and New London, to be his home.

See Ed Toth on stage with The Doobie Brothers

Fred LeBlanc of New Orleans-based Cowboy Mouth is Rick's all-time favorite rock and roll frontman. We asked Fred which frontmen influenced him, what's different about being a band from New Orleans, and why he no longer jumps off the light towers on stage.

See Cowboy Mouth perform "Jenny Says"

Long revered as the creative force behind a group regarded as one of America’s premiere prog acts, Crack the Sky's John Palumbo talks about life in fame’s cruel shadows.

Kenneth Fuchs, Grammy-winning composer and University of Connecticut professor, discusses "Point of Tranquility: Band Music of Kenneth Fuchs," a seven-piece set for symphonic winds released last year by the United States Coast Guard Band under the baton of band director Adam Williamson. The album was recorded at Leamy Hall on the New London campus of the United States Coast Guard Academy and features the band's alto saxophonist Greg Case.

Craig Edwards, ethnomusicologist and professional chanteyman, reacts to the popularity of sea chanteys on TikTok, taking us through the history of the music form and explaining how the songs aided work and life aboard sailing vessels.

See Craig Edwards perform "Way Stormalong John"

Craig's website

Lickerish Quartet keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr. joins us from Los Angeles to talk about the group's new EP "Threesome, Vol. 2."

Tim Smith, bassist for The Lickerish Quartet, joins us from Atlanta to talk about the group's new EP "Threesome, Vol. 2."

Guitarist Andy Timmons talks about the legacy of Eddie Van Halen and shares a song we started writing after Van Halen's death. Timmons also shares some stories from his long and varied musical career - from playing in the metal band Danger Danger to being the musical director for Olivia Newton John.

Watch Andy's weekly live streaming shows at https://www.stageit.com/AndyTimmonsOfficial

Learn guitar from Andy at https://guitarxperience.net/

Bestselling author Ann Hood on the literature of grief, the joy of (essays on) cooking, and why flight attendants can write real good.

Marc Zimmer, a chemistry professor at Connecticut College and author of the new book "The State of Science," talks about the intersection of science and politics around issues like climate change and COVID-19, and what it was like to attend the Nobel Prize ceremony.

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