Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and former Jellyfish and Imperial Drag bandmates Eric Dover and Tim Smith have released a new EP as The Lickerish Quartet. Manning talks with Rick Koster about the band's new music, the reissues of his solo albums, touring with Beck and Cheap Trick, and the challenges of making melodic pop music in beat-driven musical landscape.

The Lickerish Quartet - "Lighthouse Spaceship"

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - "Too Late For Us Now"

Jellyfish - "That Is Why"

Rick shares memories of Elvis Presley, including the time his father took out a full-page ad in the local newspaper to brag about selling Elvis a mobile home, and the time one of Rick's band-mates impersonated Elvis in order to supply the band with beer.

The New London Drone Orchestra, a loose collective of as many as 18 musicians, makes ambient music that. is based largely on in-person improvisation. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, members of the group recorded separate individual performances in isolation that were shared and mixed to create an album, "Isolation/Collaboration." Members Tim Wolf and Pamela Wilson joined us to talk about the album.

"Isolation/Collaboration" is available at and on most streaming services.

There are some rock venues that everyone knows even if they never saw a show there. The Winchester Lounge in Odessa, Texas is not one of them. But Rick got to meet members of many soon-to-be-famous bands there. Like the time he bought breakfast for the guitarist of Quiet Riot, who had no cash, on the day they hit number on eon the Billboard chart.

The Rolling Stones' new single "Living in a Ghost Town" a few weeks ago to little fanfare. Did it get lost in all the coronavirus news, or are people just over The Rolling Stones?

Rick and Peter speak with drummer Tom Trombley and producer Richard Brukner about The Reducers' new live album "Live in Montville." The album comes from a cassette tape recording of a backyard concert in 1980, three years before the band released their first album.

You can hear the album at

Canceled tours. Delayed album releases. Loss of income. When the coronavirus forced everyone to stay home, many musicians had to quickly adapt to the new reality. We spoke with singer/songwriter Daphne Lee Martin, pianist/vocalist Eric Stevenson of Pocket Vinyl, and guitarist/vocalist Noah Feldman of Fleet and Noah & The Flood about the awkwardness of live streaming shows from their living rooms, and trying to stay creative during times of fear and sadness.

Do all Young People think that songs with real instruments sound like they're from the 80s?

Songs we discussed:

Von Hertzen Brothers - Long Lost Sailor

New Radicals - You Get What You Give

The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love

As he gets older, Rick is finding that the nostalgia evoked by his all-time favorite albums evokes feelings of melancholy instead of joy.

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