Rick and Peter look at several examples of public art in New London that has been poorly maintained, or not maintained at all. Arts writer mary Biekert, who has writtern about the New London Scupture Mile, joins in to discuss who is responsible for maintaining and restoring a public art installation in the months and years after it is unveiled? The Wyland whale mural has been completely repainted in a way that hardly resembles the original. The Sandy Garnett Light Cube has only one light remaining. Three of Wendy Klemperer's animal sculptures have been knocked over just a few weeks after they were installed.

The Bayou Smokehouse in Groton in closing as chef/owner Pierre Boutros steps aside to spend more time with his family. Rick has made it his life's work to find a local barbecue joint that is tolerable to his refined southern palate, and the closing of Bayou is going to make it that much harder. Rick and Peter have one last meal before the restaurant closes on Saturday.

Rick and Peter consider the concept album, from Frank Sinatra to Green Day, and whether the format still resonates today when people don't buy albums. Our favorite local concept albums include Red Over Red by Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Death Anxiety by Pocket Vinyl, and El Amor de los Muertos by The Hempsteadys. Also, Rick remembers Arthur Falconi, a local musician who died in yesterday's storm.